That Which Lies in the Hearts of Men

Catching up.

Hello my players, and those who happened to have stumbled onto this campaign. The following adventure log is a summary of events from the last several sessions we have had up until our most recent session which I will write a separate log for. I apologize for not keeping up with the logs. To my players: Feel free to edit this if I got some info wrong.

Since The Outriders of WIllowsmar and Willem “Woodstrider” have arrived at the refugee camp, they have attempted to take matters into their own hands. Garrett Guile and Osborn Hilltople have convinced Travis Whitelion to let them meet with the dwarves who only meet on the bridge the spans “The Scar”. Garret and Osborn have managed to negotiate a better deal for the refugees. The dwarves will sell more wares and lower prices if the refugees can built them a trade center. Until then, the dwarves will continue the current negotiations where they will trade carts of dwarven goods for any gold the refugees may have. Meanwhile, Jin is confined to the fort built by Whitelion as the only doctor. He is tasked by Whitelion to mend the sick and wounded who come to the fort.

The Outriders also meet old friends and enemies. Inquisitor Taylek Vance, has turned out to be Whitelion’s right hand woman. Her and Whitelion are the only remaining members of the The Order of Light that they know of.

Sara Jenning is also in the refugee camp, and is happy to see the Outriders and saddened by the death of Julius Krowatcher. She is concerned to learn the Taylek is also here. She wishes to catch up with the refugees at a later time.

The Outriders bump into an old friend, Zidane who wishes Dr. Jin Barber to meet with his boss. Jin politely declines the invitation, as Zidane is known to deal with some morally questionable individuals.

On their third night in camp, Jin is kidnapped and brought to an underground hideout and is introduced by Zidane to Mr. Bigston AKA: The Notorious B.I.G. who wishes Jin to be his personal doctor. Mr. Big has moved his criminal empire to the refugee camp and has continued to operate. He allows Jin to move about freely in the camp so long as he wears a disguise and he wishes for Jin to bring his friends to him as he needs more hirelings to run jobs.

At the same time, Whitelion discovers the absence of Jin and immediately blames the other Outriders. They are in the middle of explaining to Whitelion that they did not kidnap Jin when Jin himself, several hundred feet away, causes his own commotion using magical powers recently awakened within him. This causes the Whitelion to send for more guards, and the Outriders to investigate.

As Jin sneaks off into the night, the Outriders discover Mr. Big’s lair. He tries to explain to them his human trafficking operation that brings more refugees from places across Litalima to the refugee camp. The Outriders ultimately decide that they do not want to deal with Mr. Big, and create their own dramatic escape just before Taylek and more guards show up. One of Mr. Big’s men is captured, but he escapes in the chaos.

The Outriders finally regroup. Jin makes demands to Whitelion that he is not an object to be horded away with and Whitelion agrees to let Jin stay with his fellow villagers in the refugee camp so long as guards are posted in proximity to his tent.

After such an eventful night, the Outriders return to their tents among their fellow villagers and find a group of them entranced by a mysterious woman with white hair reading stories to children. After a few minutes, she sends the children to bed and the crowd disperses, the woman reveals herself to be Lady Minira Swordheart and she is seeking brave heroes to help her save a group of refugees in the city of Litalima. The Outriders agree and Minira tells them to see her in ten days when they are ready to set off.

After meeting Minira, Willem “Woodstrider” is contacted by a fellow druid who invites Willem to a meeting of other druids the following night. Willem is told he may bring any who are concerned with the well being of the earth. Willem decides to go to the meeting alone.

The next day, Taylek meets with the Outriders and is pleased with their work in finding Mr. Big’s hide out. She interrogated the prisoner and is on the hunt for Mr. Big. She offers the Outriders a chance to help her reestablish The Order of Light by over throwing Whitelion. She promises to bring stability to the refugee camp and would set forward motions to begin making a difference for the refugees.

The Outriders also meet with Sara Jenning, who is concerned about Taylek wanting to seize power. She tries to convince the Outriders that Taylek is an evil woman who would bring nothing but suffering if she reestablishes the Order of Light. She also hints to the Outriders that the world would be better “if Taylek simply was not around.”

Willem meets with fellow druids the same night. In the meeting, a Shenese druid named “Dancing Willow” reveals himself and warns of the New Order’s march on his homeland. He explains they seek the power of the World tree Eldrassil and that to prevent the power of the tree from falling into the wrong hands, he must take other druids to extract a seed from Eldrassil, and destroy the tree itself. Willem contemplates this quest and accepts, though other druids disagree with the destruction of the ancient tree. He helps perform a ritual to heal the lands with his fellow druids.




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