That Which Lies in the Hearts of Men

All Shells Break Loose: Part 2

Third day of the first week of Slumber

The The Outriders of WIllowsmar continue into the depths of Greatshell’s catacombs battered and bruised. As suspected, demons and cultists linger in the depths, and they are trying to do hinder the outriders in their advance.

At one point, the party splits up to explore the the dungeon. Kaylessa Irkle, Allatrana Milner, and Osborn poke around an area where cultists were performing a ritual while Dr. Jin Barber,Erin,Garrett Guile,Julius Krowatcher, and Riardon Silverglade discovered a frigid room with frozen potions.

Allatrana, Osborn, and Kaylessa spot a massive fire demon destroying a mural with runes and imagery. They decide to find the others before fighting it. The others are examining frozen potions and a strange mold that seems to sap the heat right out of the room. Garret discovers exactly how dangerous it is when he gets to close to it. The strange mold will freeze anything that gets to close to it. This gives Osborn an idea, and the Outriders carefully gather part of the mold into a chest that was found in another room. The chest freezes immediately an Kaylessa with her innate fire magic carries it through the dungeon to the room with the fire demon.

The mold is effective against the demon, but to the Outrider’s surprise, the mold grows rapidly and chaotically in the presence of fire. Soon the entire room is almost engulfed in mold and it saps the life out of the fire demon. Jin and Allatrana succumb to the frigid temperatures and pass out. Luckily however the mold did quick work of the demons and the outriders are beginning to catch a small rest while Osborn silently scouts ahead in the dungeon.




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